Clients have 100% transparency

 Working as a custodian of assets, Schwab Institutional is an ideal  partner. Schwab provides superior technology and access to both the  client and to the manager. Schwab Institutional provides clients with a  direct login to view account status, positions and daily activity.    The combination of Rittmann Capital Management and Schwab  Institutional working together provides our clients with a 100%  transparent solution. As a client you receive every statement and trade confirmation from Schwab Institutional. At the end of each quarter, Rittmann Capital Management provides detailed reporting on the following:  

  • Market Commentary
  • Portfolio
  • Performance
  • Quarterly Management Fee

Commitment to Excellence

A Higher Bar

 Here are three examples that show the differences between the current  suitability standards for brokers and the stricter fiduciary standard  for registered investment advisors. 

Registered Investment Advisers

Advisers should  disclose how much they're getting paid to sell one fund over another.  They must offer investments in clients' best interest. Advisers should provide information to the client about their fees and background, including disciplinary actions. Advisers are generally prohibited from using testimonials from clients, celebrities or sports figures in their advertising.   


Brokers recommend suitable funds. They generally aren't required to tell you if they stand to gain personally Brokers generally aren't required to proactively disclose past disciplinary actions to clients. Brokers aren't subject to such a prohibition, although rules givern their advertising practices.