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 Rittmann Capital Management is an independent registered investment  advisory firm. The firm was established in 1987 to provide asset  management services for individuals, trusts and estates, and corporate  retirement and profit sharing plans. We manage both equity and balanced  accounts. Accounts are managed on an individual basis with a highly  personalized level of service. Once we understand your goals and risk  tolerances, we deploy an equity based strategy to achieve your objective  of increasing your portfolio value. We specialize in long-term, tax  efficient style of money management. As active managers, we strive to identify  sustainable investment trends and determine how to benefit from them  over a multi-year period. Current examples include the transition to  “cloud computing”, the proliferation of mobile devices, the renaissance  of domestic energy production (i.e. unconventional shale resource plays  in North America) and the overall recovery of the U.S. economy. We pursue high quality companies that exhibit a strong business  franchise, experienced management teams, sustainable competitive  advantage and favorable long-term prospects. 

Investment Style

 Rittmann Capital Management generally invests in common stocks of  companies that have prospective earnings growth relatively greater than  that of the economy over the various stages of the investment cycle. We  believe this produces superior investment returns. As active managers we strive to identify sustainable investment  trends and determine how to benefit from them over a multi-year period.   Current examples include the movement toward “cloud computing”, the  proliferation of mobile devices, the unconventional shale resource plays  in North America, and the recovery of the U.S. economy. 


 Rittmann Capital Management investment style utilizes fundamental  investment analysis to anticipate "change" in the factors we believe  determine investment value and accelerating earnings growth. We apply  this process to a variety of industries and companies in order to select  securities that meet specific client objectives. The same analytical  process is also part of our sell discipline. Securities are sold not  only for valuation considerations in the market, but also when the  analysis of selected factors indicates deterioration in the underlying  fundamental prospects for the company. Broad investment "themes" characterize investment cycles and we  search for these attractive areas for future growth and include them in  the portfolio. In our search for investment opportunities, we have  invested in large, medium and small capitalization companies. Foreign  stocks have been included in portfolios from time to time because  changes in economic and political policy have accelerated growth rates  of many emerging economies. We believe valuation of the equity market is largely influenced by  the rate of change in liquidity relative to economic growth as well as  the level and trends in interest rates and the rate of inflation. 

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