Investment Style

Rittmann Capital Management generally invests in common stocks of companies that have prospective earnings growth relatively greater than that of the economy over the various stages of the investment cycle. We believe this produces superior investment returns.

As active managers we strive to identify sustainable investment trends and determine how to benefit from them over a multi-year period. Current examples include the movement toward “cloud computing”, the proliferation of mobile devices, the unconventional shale resource plays in North America, and the recovery of the U.S. economy.


Rittmann Capital Management investment style utilizes fundamental investment analysis to anticipate "change" in the factors we believe determine investment value and accelerating earnings growth. We apply this process to a variety of industries and companies in order to select securities that meet specific client objectives. The same analytical process is also part of our sell discipline. Securities are sold not only for valuation considerations in the market, but also when the analysis of selected factors indicates deterioration in the underlying fundamental prospects for the company.

Broad investment "themes" characterize investment cycles and we search for these attractive areas for future growth and include them in the portfolio. In our search for investment opportunities, we have invested in large, medium and small capitalization companies. Foreign stocks have been included in portfolios from time to time because changes in economic and political policy have accelerated growth rates of many emerging economies.

We believe valuation of the equity market is largely influenced by the rate of change in liquidity relative to economic growth as well as the level and trends in interest rates and the rate of inflation.

Asset Mix

The optimal mix of assets is determined by anticipated changes in the economic environment, the perceived relative attractiveness of the equity and debt markets, and the risk tolerance level of the client. An attempt to protect capital to the extent consistent with each client's chosen strategy is as important as potential appreciation of assets. Investing in securities entails a risk of loss under any circumstances.


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Rittmann Capital Management makes rolling over an old retirement savings plan from a former employer easy for you.

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